Posted by: Anthony Drewery | October 24, 2006

VBScript to output the logon script assigned to each user

With some guidance from my colleague Ben Christian I’ve been working on several VBScripts to assist with the decommissioning of our systems. The scripts range from simple reporting to modifying objects. By posting them in this blog someone else may get some use out of them. They are posted "as is" and I accept no liability arising from the use of them.

This script simply creates a tab delimited text file showing all users with their logon script and object’s distinguished name. You’ll be notified by a prompt when the script has finished processing. Simply open the resulting text file with Excel to see the information formatted into columns. You could modify the script to output to a CSV file if you don’t use commas in your display names. Download the script here: WhichLoginScript.vbs.txt


  1. Nice work – thanks for the credit 😉

  2. I know this is old but worked like a charm thanks and great work.

  3. Thanks, new to scripting. Can this script to modified to list users using a pacific login script?

  4. Cheers mate, this saved me a bunch of stuffing around!

  5. Fantastic work, great job.

  6. Works great.

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