Posted by: Anthony Drewery | March 17, 2006

Exchange 12 First Installation

Ok, our first Exchange 12 server is up and running. As this is a test environment and we are using slightly dated hardware we installed the 32 bit version. There is an excellent post at You Had Me At EHLO that talks about choosing Exchange 2003 hardware that can be reutilised for Exchange 12.

We installed on to a Windows 2003 R2 member server. This was part of a domain where we had raised the domain and forest functional levels to Windows Server 2003 Native. This is achieved via Active Directory Domains and Trusts. One of the pre-requisites in the Exchange 12 Release Notes is to have a domain functional level of Windows 2000 Native or greater. The default is Windows 2000 Mixed.

Other pre-requisites included Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 (found under Optional in Windows Update) and Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (found here). We also assumed the Exchange 2003 pre-requisites of ASP.NET, IIS, SMTP and NNTP but our first attempt at installation failed because NNTP must not be installed.

After running setup and accepting the licence agreement we were presented with a choice of server roles. These were:

Allows the routing between Active Directory Sites (it appears routing groups and admin groups have been dropped).

Mailbox Server
Provides the backend functionality including mailbox and public folder stores.

Gateway Server
Runs in your DMZ to provide ‘messaging hygiene’. I figure that’s virus scanning and spam filtering.

Client Access Server
Provides client connectivity for methods other than Microsoft Outlook e.g. OWA, ActiveSync.

Unified Messaging Server
Integration with the corporate phone system.

For this server we chose Mailbox Server as we have a second server to be built which will take the Bridgehead and Client Access roles.

I noticed that there were no /domainprep or /forestprep commands to be run. This appears to be covered in an installation step called Organisation Preparation.

So after 3 unattended steps (Copy Files, Organisation preparation and Server Roles) the installation was complete…

Note: I’ll update this post with some screen shots from our second installation.

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