Posted by: Anthony Drewery | December 14, 2005

Shiny New Toy

Well I finally crumbled and bought myself a new black 60GB iPod video. My previous MP3 player was a 5GB Zen Micro which was pretty good but limited in space and lacked the slick interface of the iPod.

Despite my music collection being in WMA format, iTunes and the iPod swung it for me on a few key points:

  • Great looking device with a slick interface
  • iTunes makes it very easy to subscribe to podcasts and synchronise them
  • An enormous number of accessories are available
  • And finally, video playback. I download a lot of US TV shows as I get fed up waiting for them to come to the UK, if indeed they ever do. I also like the fact that I can watch them on my Media Center whenever I like and I’m not governed by programming schedules. I like to be able to watch my downloaded TV on train journeys and with an additional cable I can also hook my iPod to any TV in the house to view them.

    People criticise the iPod for it’s lack of supported formats but conversion is a simple process using a single free tool (which I’ll blog about soon). They also criticise the screen size but let’s face I’m never going to sit and watch the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. In my opinion the screen is fine for watching a TV show. Previously I’ve used an iPaq and an i-Mate Jam to watch shows on the go but have ditched these devices in favour of my Blackberry. My most recent gadget for portable video viewing was the Play-Yan cartridge for my Game Boy Advanced. This allows you to view/listen to media stored on a SD card. The snag is that the interface is in Japanese but you soon find your way around. This has now been ditched in favour of my iPod.


    1. Hi Ant, I got a 30gb video iPod for similar reasons (one for me and one for herself), and because I could get them with my Amex points (:> Do you use AAC format? Interested in connecting to my CD player in my Ford Focus (:

    2. Check out the Connects2 adapters. If your head unit supports a CD changer you may be able to find one that’s compatible. You’ll find more information here. I bought mine from In-Car Express.

      I converted all of my music from WMA to AAC.

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